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Onion Flakes

Onion Flakes Add Texture as Well as Flavor

For many dishes, onion powder is a great seasoning to add because it brings in the flavor of onions without the additional texture of these roots. However, there are some recipes where having actual onion flakes is a better option. Flakes let you provide the impression of finely-diced onions without the need to stand at a counter or table crying from chopping them yourself. Plus, dehydrated onion flakes last for months if not longer, so there's far less worry about waste.

Since each form of dried onions has its place, commercial kitchens tend to use large quantities of both. Onion powder goes in soups, is sprinkled on meats to season them, and can even be part of the formula for bread seasoning. Meanwhile, onion flakes are great on or in hamburgers, buns, and other foods where it is appropriate to have a more robust mouthfeel.

For restaurants and other food producers, it is essential that the supply of onion products is not interrupted. Onions are as important as garlic and other key seasonings, and recipes that call for them just won't taste right without them. Because of this, commercial kitchens and other food producers make sure to connect with distributors like Rocambole, who specialize in providing large quantities of seasonings. This ensures that the kitchen never runs out, so it's recipes always come out perfectly seasoned and delicious.

It is typical to set up recurring orders for seasonings and other kitchen essentials. When doing this, kitchen operators should be sure to make their orders a bit bigger than they might expect to need. This ensures that sudden peak days or special events do not cause the kitchen to run out of anything.

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