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Garlic Trader

Why Deal with a Garlic Trader?

There are many reasons commercial food producers deal with companies that trade in specific seasonings. Traders have many advantages over more generalized wholesalers and distributors. They can usually get better prices, can get product when distributors can't, and can access more sources than typical distributors.

Distributors are usually tied to only one or two sources of each product. While they do have the benefit of offering more than one type of item, it also means that they can run out of random items without warning thanks to their own suppliers encountering difficulties. This can be caused by larger distributors selling out before the final one can order, problems at a single garlic exporter, or by the distributor favoring one customer over another, among other issues.

On the other hand, a garlic trader typically deals with, or at least knows of, more than one garlic exporter. This is essential to ensuring a steady supply of this delicious seasoning. If one garlic exporter has problems with production or shipping, a good trader will be able to buy from another one rather than just run out of garlic. Commercial food operations can be seriously damaged if any ingredient becomes unavailable, so this is a key benefit for them.

The ability to get good prices is another benefit a garlic trader enjoys. Since a trader typically buys huge amounts with each order, it will get the ultimate wholesale price. Some of these cost savings are then passed on to the trader's customers, keeping production costs down at the kitchen level.

To set up an account with a true garlic trader, contact Rocambole. They'll be glad to help you keep your kitchen stocked with this uniquely delicious seasoning.

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